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Top Reasons You
Need Health Insurance.

An estimated 97% of Nigerians do not have healthcare insurance coverage. However,  this means paying exorbitant fees out of pocket for every hospital visit. If you are a  Nigerian reading this, chances are you, or someone you know do not have health  insurance. 

This article highlight reasons why you need health insurance, for yourself and your loved  ones. 

1. To guard against lifestyle diseases

The prevalence of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, respiratory problems, and heart  disease, traditionally associated with old age, is increasing among individuals under the age of  45. To detect these illnesses early, it may be beneficial to invest in a health insurance plan that  covers regular medical examinations. Research indicates that individuals with health insurance  tend to visit their doctors more frequently, receive diagnoses sooner, and begin treatment  earlier. Obtaining health insurance at a young age can provide several advantages, including  more extensive coverage, even if you are currently healthy with no pre-existing conditions,  which may prove beneficial if you become ill in the future. 

2. To insure the healthcare of your family

Your aging parents and children rely on you to provide for their needs, including healthcare.  Purchasing a family health insurance plan will guarantee that your loved ones have access to  top-quality medical care in case of an emergency, without the burden of exorbitant expenses.

3. To cushion medical costs inflation

As medical technology advances and illnesses become more prevalent, the cost of treatment  continues to rise. It’s important to note that medical expenses extend beyond hospital bills and  include doctor’s fees, diagnostic tests, ambulance fees, surgery costs, medication, and room  rent, among others. All of these expenses can place a significant strain on your finances if  you’re not prepared. With affordable health insurance premiums, you can ease the burden of  rising medical costs and choose high-quality treatment without worrying about the cost. 

4. To protect your savings

Unforeseen illnesses not only lead to emotional stress but can also significantly impact your  finances. Health emergencies are one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcy. By  investing in a suitable health insurance policy, you can better manage your medical expenses  without depleting your savings. This way, your savings can be allocated for their intended  purposes, such as purchasing a house, financing your children’s education, and securing your  retirement fund, among others.

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